Colored Shingle Roof Coating
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Colored Shingle Roof Coating

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A thick and creamy 100% acrylic coating that seals and protects asphalt shingles from ultra violet damage and wind lift-up. Extends the life of shingles while changing the color to match or coordinate with your homes' color.

Product Advantages: Protects Shingles from UV * Resists Wind Lift-up* Prolongs Life of Roof * Able to Change Color to Coordinate with House

For more detail product information, see Product Data and Product Spec.

NOTE: This product is designed for residential, asphalt shingle roofs with a pitch. It is not meant for flat roof systems where ponding water can occur. 
Availability Note: Small batch orders of the Colored Shingle Roof Coating are only produced on certain days. Depending on date of order, please allow 3 to 5 business days for production.
Winter Climate NOTEThis product must be applied when air & surface temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures do not fall at or below freezing during the first 24 hrs after application.

Colored Shingle Roof Coating Color Card

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