Our Mission is "To be recognized as the leading manufacturer of environmentally safe products. We can achieve this goal by continually improving our product formulas, providing responsive customer service, and treating our clients and employees alike with honesty and integrity". Fundamental to the success of our mission is:

Envirosafe Manufacturing Corp. and its representatives will strive to assure our customers' satisfaction. This will always be our number one priority. We want to be recognized as the most responsive, accurate, and skilled in the field of environmentally safe products.

Envirosafe Manufacturing Corp. will hold to the highest standard of fairness and integrity. The idea of treating customers fairly with integrity is the most important guiding principle of all.

Product knowledge is critical to enable our communications and commitments to our customers through distributors, and factory representatives to assure top of the line and cost-effective products.

Our most important asset, without which we could not achieve our message of providing environmentally safe product alternatives that will help to preserve our planet for future generations. Enthusiasm, involvement, teamwork, and commitment are the values that govern our work.

At Envirosafe Manufacturing Corp. we are a family working together to get the job done...right! Sales representatives are role models and are committed to the success of their operation as well as to the success of Envirosafe Manufacturing Corporation.

Envirosafe is a manufacturer of environmentally safe concrete and masonry cleaners, sealers, degreasers, and coatings. These products are safe, effective and "they get the job done!"

Envirosafe Manufacturing uses state-of-the-art ingredients for the formulating of our concrete and masonry sealers, rust and stain removers for concrete, efflorescence removers, brick cleaners and our coatings for concrete.

These coatings and cleaners are safe enough for the homeowner as well as strong enough for the professional on all types of properties. Their ease of application and powerful ingredients get the job done quickly and efficiently with little "down" time and are a safe alternative to harsh toxic products that pollute the environment.

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