How to remove red clay effectively from concrete without leaving a mark. A step by step approach.

Red clay soil is mainly found in the southern US and in a few areas in Pennsylvania and New York states.  Highly insoluble and very pigmented, the soil is quite a nuisance.

Usually derived from crystalline rock, red clay is known to leave difficult to remove stains on almost everything it touches. It usually disrupts concrete surfaces causing damage in terms of discoloration of the surface, floors etc. 

Any American family that has a garage and driveway are bound to face this problem. Often during the rainy season, red clay seeps into the surface of the concrete driveway or splashes up the foundation of a home, making it visually unappealing. We’re here to help resolve this issue with solutions that’ll help you keep your home stain free. 

Red soil stains on concrete and the way to treat it:

Red soil contains iron oxide or rust that is highly insoluble. Upon coming in contact with water, red soil seeps deep into floors, including concrete and leaves a stain that is difficult to remove.

It spares none and leaves stains on floors. 

Treat red soil on concrete with a strong chemical and a power washer. As far as the chemical is concerned, it is advised to use an acid base cleaner as red clay is deeply embedded in the concrete. Acidic cleaners break the bond the red clay has on the concrete and bubbles it up out of the pores.

Although it is a very effective method of removing red clay stains some acid cleaners can be too strong and may overly etch or acid stain the surface.

We would recommend our Red Clay Stain Remover which is buffered with water and various surfactants so not to permanently acid stain the concrete like some unbuffered acid cleaners.

Steps to remove Red Clay stain from Concrete:

  • Water down any nearby grass/plants. Then slightly dampen the concrete surface with water. Apply Red Clay Stain Remover using a hand pump sprayer. Do not add water to the cleaner as this will raise the pH and neutralize the cleaner.
  • Let the solution sit for 3-4 minutes. It should start to bubble within that time range.
  • Rinse off the cleaner using a power washer. Ensure that the red clay is completely off the surface area, so it doesn't resettle in another part of your cleaning zone. Red clay is extremely pigmented and may leave its color on the concrete if it resettles. If it does, you would need to restart the entire process again.
NOTE: The same application method can be used for brick and masonry surfaces such as patio's or home foundations was well.

Red soil contains iron oxide that clings to concrete in the form of rust that often provides a deep red color, which can give the surface a worn out look. 

Power washing alone will not take off the iron oxide as it is insoluble to water. However, with the correct cleaners and directions, the stains can be removed.