Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer
Comes in 1-gal., 5-gal., 55-gal. Drums

Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer

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A water-based polyester polymer penetrating sealer
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A penetrating polyester formula that permanently waterproofs and preserves concrete, brick, stucco and all masonry surfaces with only one application (depends on the surface texture and porosity of the surface). For use on residential and commercial buildings, driveway, sidewalks, patios and balconies. 

It is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-caustic. Since Trojan has very low VOC,  it can be used safely inside as well as outside on new or old masonry. Trojan needs to be liberally applied to thoroughly saturate the surface until it will no longer drink up any more and then the excess back-rolled off. Trojan dries clear with very little sheen and comes with a 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty.

Coverage Rate: 1-gallon covers 200 sq.ft. (depends on surface porosity, surface texture and method of application) 

For more detailed information: Product Data and Product Spec.
For Architects and Specification Writers: Architects Section

Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer is a contractor grade product, therefore you should always practice safety precautions by using safety goggles, gloves and boots. Read all MSDS and Product information that is provided for you.

This product is shipped in 1-gallon & 5-gallon twin paks containers via UPS for online orders.

Call for large quantity, Contractor pricing and Truck quotes.


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