Enviro Clean Degreaser
Comes in 1-gal., 5-gal., 55-gal. Drums

Enviro Clean Degreaser

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Enviro-Clean Degreaser is an excellent cleaner for tough grease and oil on concrete. It may be used straight or diluted 10:1 for lighter cleaning. Enviro-Clean Degreaser has been thoroughly field-tested and formulated with state-of-the-art biodegradable surfactants to clean the toughest oils including palm oil.

Enviro-Clean Degreaser is a multi-purpose concentrated cleaner and degreaser. The ideal dilution ratio for this product is 10:1 mixed with water.EnviroClean has been used to clean oil stains from a variety of surfaces without harm to plant or aquatic life. It is ideal for pre and post-construction clean-up and maintenance. EnviroClean is the most economical product on the market today as a concentrate.

For more detail information, see the Product DataandProduct Spec.

Coverage Rate: A concentrate- 1-gallon dilutes to make 2 to 10 gallons liquid (depends on the type of soil being cleaned)

Enviro-Clean Degreaser is a contractor grade product, therefore you should always practice safety precautions by using safety goggles, gloves, and boots. Read all MSDS and Product information that is provided for you.

This product is shipped in 1-gal. and 5-gal. twin pack containers via UPS. 5-gallon pails are only shipped for larger orders over 30 gallons.

Call for large quantity, Contractor pricing, and Truck quotes.


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