Trojan Color Sealer
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Trojan Color Sealer

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Our same great Trojan Masonry Sealer with finely ground pigments to color and seal the surface in one easy step. A penetrating sealer that seals from within. Low VOCs make this a 'Green Product'

Trojan Masonry Sealer with added color pigment. Imagine coloring and sealing your old tired concrete in one easy step. The same great Trojan Masonry Sealer that has been sold for years is now available with pigment added to color and enhance your dull drab concrete. 37 colors from which to choose.

Each pour of concrete has different porosity and absorption qualities. Because of this we strongly suggest that you order a sample to be sure that you are getting the desired color on your concrete. 

For more detail product information, see Product Data and Product Spec.
For Architects and Specification Writers: Architects Section

Coverage Rate: 1-gallon covers 175-250 sq.ft. (Depends on the surface texture and the porosity of the substrate)

Trojan Color Sealer - Earth Tones

Trojan Color Sealer - Tropical
NOTEThese colors are representational only. The actual color may be more transparent as different textures and colors of concrete will accept the pigments differently.

It is strongly advised to test this product in an out-of-the-way area to see how your concrete will accept the color. Very porous concrete will absorb more pigment whereas very smooth, hard concrete will absorb less. Any of these colors may be made more transparent by mixing plain Trojan Masonry Sealer with Trojan Color Sealer prior to application.

This product is shipped in 1-gal. and 5-gal. twin pack containers via UPS for online orders.

Call for large quantity, Contractor pricing and Truck quotes.

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