NuLook Concrete Cleaner
Cleans and whitens concrete

NuLook Concrete Cleaner

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A liquid cleaner that removes dirt, oil and various stains from concrete and masonry surfaces, restoring the surface to its original new look appearance. As it cleans, our eco-friendly Nu Look reacts with the calcium in the concrete causing a "whitening effect" on the surface. It is exceptional at taking out tire marks and carbon deposit stains (shadows) that are left even after the oil is removed from the concrete. Nu Look is unsurpassed in cleaning concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, block and concrete walls. It is biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-flammable.
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NuLook is designed to release cleaning agents that emulsify all types of oil, grease, and grime. It removes tire marks and various types of rust stains.

After cleaning the surface the NuLook formulation causes a whitening effect on the surface treated. This gives the concrete that "new look". It is for this reason that NuLook should NOT be used on red brick, grey concrete or any colored concrete. We then recommend sealing the concrete with Trojan Masonry Sealer, which is a penetrating sealer that creates a life-time bond, filling the pores and sealing from within!

For more detail information, select Product Data and Product Spec.

Coverage Rate: 1-gallon covers 250-300 sq.ft. (depends on the surface texture of the concrete and the degree of soiling.)

NuLook Concrete Cleaner is a contractor grade product, therefore you should always practice safety precautions by using safety goggles, gloves, and boots. Read all MSDS and Product information that is provided for you.

This product is only shipped in gallon containers via UPS.
5-gallon pails are only shipped for larger orders over 30 gallons.

Call for large quantity pricing, Contractor Discounts, and Truck quotes.


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