Algae Mildew Cleaner
Comes in 1-gal., 5-gal., 55-gal. Drums

Algae Mildew Cleaner

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Mildew Cleaner

Algae Mildew Cleaner is effective in cleaning algae, mildew, and mold from a variety of surfaces. Algae Mildew Cleaner can be mixed with Enviro Clean Degreaser and used through the chemical injector of a power washer or through a regular sprayer. As with any cleaner, you should always test the surface first for any undesirable color change. The only caution is that this product will change the color of some dark fabrics. Remember, when not sure, TEST! 

This product is water-soluble and does not have the harshness of other cleaners. However, you should always use this product with adequate air ventilation. Algae Mildew Cleaner will not stain most painted surfaces. Always TEST before applying!

After cleaning the area we suggest it be sealed with penetrating Trojan Masonry Sealer to keep the surface from absorbing the moisture that will support the re-growth of more algae and mold.

For more detailed information, see Product Data and Product Spec.

Coverage Rate: 1-gallon covers 250-300 sq.ft. (depends on the surface texture and the degree of soiling)

Algae Mildew Remover is a contractor grade product, therefore you should always practice safety precautions by using safety goggles, gloves, and boots. Read all MSDS and Product information that is provided for you.
This product is only shipped in gallon containers via UPS. 
5-gallon pails are only shipped for larger orders over 30 gallons. 

Call for large quantity, contractor pricing, and truck quotes.

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