We’re happy that Eco-Wares has agreed to provide brick cleaner [Erase for graffiti marks and NP-7 Blue for light cleaning] and sealer [Trojan Masonry Sealer] for an upcoming episode of Sweat Equity (DSEQ-311) series for the DIY Network [first shown in April 2009]. The DIY Network is available in over 40-million homes...... We sincerely appreciate your help. Please contact me if you have further questions.

Mary K. Reistad
Series Producer, Sweat Equity
Edelman Productions

As promised, I'm providing you will some photos of the brick interior wall restoration project [using Enviro-Clean Degreaser, Erase and Trojan Masonry Sealer] last week.  Thank you so much for all your support in making this a success!

Take Great Care,

Keith E. Friend
Clean & Green Restorations, LLC
Essex Junction, VT

"These products [ Efflorescence Remover, Rust Stain Remover, Trojan Masonry Sealer, Trojan Beta-Z Wood Sealer, Nu Look Concrete Cleaner, Envirosafe Rust Converter, Armor Coat Anti-Slip Coating ] have proven to be both effective and durable in a facility that is open to a million visitors a year, seven days a week........Please keep up the great product R&D and good service."

Joseph Nissen, Ph.D.
Manager, Operations and Maintenance
Central Park Wildlife Center, New York, NY

Subject: Re: Eco-Wares Products for Stucco Wall using Trojan Masonry Sealer & Armor Coat Anti-Slip

Thank you for all of your help!
Utilized each product as directed and received heavy rain the following week. No leaks through the stucco or the cement.
Your products do work!!!
You were a great help for a $100.00 order.


K. Wager, San Diego, CA