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Concrete pH Reducer
Comes in 1-gal., 5-gal., 55-gal. Drums

Concrete pH Reducer

Part Number:68

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A liquid applied product that safely reduces the pH of new concrete so that coating and sealers may be applied without harming them.

The pH of all concrete or stucco should be checked especially if it is interior to see if the pH is above 10. Envirosafe Concrete pH Reducer sprayed onto the new concrete reduces the pH thereby providing a better surface to apply coatings and sealers. Spraying on of Muriatic Acid can burn or destroy new concrete. Envirosafe's Concrete pH Reducer will reduce the pH without harming the surface and rinses away harmlessly and safely.

For more detail product information, see Product Data and Product Spec.

This product is shipped in 1-gal. and 5-gal. twin pak containers via UPS. 5-gallon pails are only shipped for larger orders over 30 gallons. 

Call for large quantity, Contractor pricing and Truck quotes.

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